Why You’ve Already Found Your Passion

Passion, it’s much like other essentials for life.

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For the last 4 years, most days, I’ve obsessed over the idea of finding my passion. In the early years I made the rookie mistakes. For the longest time I was treating jobs like rocks, I’d look under to find if my passion find it not there and think:

“Okay onto the next one”

I’d scratch my head on the way to work, on the way back from work, in the supermarket, on weekends, pondering ‘my passion’. At points it got ridiculous, I found myself telling myself to shut up because we’d already been through the same conversation 10 times. If you’re at the point where you’re telling yourself to shut up it might be time for a change.

Passion by Definition

It’s quite sensible that if we’re talking about something, we are all on the same page about what passion is. Google describes passion as: strong and barely controllable emotion. In which case, maybe my passion was, well, finding my passion.

To me, I’d describe passion as feeling like you fit. It’s that feeling of being exactly where you are meant to be. In a feeling that’s what it is, to me at least. However, some other identifications of passion are that you ponder questions that surround that subject or niche.

And that’s why I think you may already have found what you are looking for. And actually, it’s not about finding passion, it’s about identifying your curiosity and cultivating passion.

Passion vs. Curiosity

I’ve become mildly obsessed with this idea that passion isn’t down the back of the sofa or misplaced like a lost set of keys. Passion is too extreme to have lost so flippantly. However, curiosity, well that could be hiding away in a box you put in the loft 2 years ago. Curiosity is insignificant enough to lose and forget about for a while.

It’s helpful to be totally transparent about the differences between the two. If passion is a raging fire, curiosity is a spark. It’s like the young sibling of some successful billionaire type that no one really pays that much attention too.

But a fire cannot burn without a spark. To get passion you need curiosity.

We Are Curious About Plenty of Things

The weight of a question like “what are you passionate about?” is heavy. It feels important, it feels like you need to give a good answer and it definitely feels like you should have an answer.

“What are you curious about?”

Feels much lighter. The pressure is off and you can talk freely without judgement. Your mind starts to reel off all the bits of the world you find perplexing or intriguing. Things like the wonder you have about successful people loving their lives or if there is anyone in the world that is totally in love with their job all of the time and questions like if career happiness is more a result of mindset or circumstances?

I’m curious about all those things.

When the pressure is off, much like a dog off her lead, you can roam the workings of you mind and see where you end up. Focusing on passion and only passion is like a dog kept on her lead walking only the path ahead, restricted by the length of the lead she is clipped too.

If you are struggling with the weight of the question “what are you passionate about?” forget it, ask yourself “what you are curious about?”

When the Pressure is Off You’ll Realise it’s Right In front of You

Something quite profound struck me moments before writing this and was the very reason for writing this. So indulge in my light bulb moment. I think it’s quite groundbreaking if not hugely cliche and has been said before.

If passion is a burning fire, so strong and barely controllable (as Google puts it) well how are you living life without it. If passion is part of your bones, part of the reason you want to do things with your life and it’s the guidance for carving out the life you want, surely you’d be dabbling in it in some respects.

It’s a little bit like drinking enough water, albeit it is the total opposite to fire. We all know we should drink around 2L a day but if you asked most people they don’t drink nearly that amount. But they do drink some water every day.

They must else they’d die.

They might not be drinking water every hour on the hour, they might drink 1L of coffee and that’s it. My point is they are still drinking some.

My point with passion, if it is so important to us, is that we must be getting some, even a little bit from life, for it to still be worth living… surely? We must have some passion for something to wake up every morning and do what we do every day.

Even if it’s not kicking and screaming in front of you there is an argument to say that you are getting enough of a daily dosage, even if you don’t know where it’s coming from.

I say this because this is what happened to me. After the whole telling myself off scenario and elevating the pressure a little I’d realised that I was getting my daily dose of passion. It happened to be through the books I was reading. All in self-development. And those things I was curious about, again was around the idea of bettering yourself and finding happiness in your professional life. Since then I’ve graduated into taking my 2L a day and I’m writing about personal development too.

If you don’t know where to start first of all stop asking yourself the heavy questions, start with something simple. What are you curious about?

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