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What Would Life Look Like If You Tried — Really Tried

Well what’s the point?

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I can’t help but think about what my life would look like if I really tried every day. I’m not sure why I’ve been struck by this thought today but I am sort of thinking… us humans, we’re a little bit water sometimes. We find the path of least resistance and do that. Can we fit through that little gap rather going all the way round, yes? Okay I’ll do that then.

I stumbled across Ali Abdaal’s YouTube channel yesterday. He’s a Matt D’Avella type with a passion for doing things thoroughly. He obviously has a lot on his plate. YouTube isn’t his full-time gig, pft. Not even close. He’s a YouTuber, Podcaster, Doctor and has a dedicated website where he writes articles. Oh and he’s got a business about ‘doctor stuff’. Did you see how I just slipped ‘doctor’ in there. For most people being a doctor, you know that occupation where you have to spend 5 years at gruelling med school, followed by two years as a junior to achieve? Yea that one, most people would consider that the fullest of full time jobs. So how this guy has the time to be involved in all these other things was a little bit beyond me.

Now I’ve watched Ali for a little while. He loves all the ‘self-development’ stuff. Habits, productivity, becoming better… he’s all for it. So, naturally I’m subscribed to his channel. I love that shit.

But yesterday I watched his ‘day in the life video’.

He wakes up, coffee, plays on his phone, lounges around a bit. And so far I’m thinking, okay reasonable. And then he’s off to his working day, podcast or silence in the car (I’m pretty much exactly the same). Imagine me thinking ‘so far, nothing here that isn’t beyond my capabilities. I listen to podcasts.’ And then he does his day shift at the hospital. That is then followed by a commute home. And then the magic happens. He gets home and he’s writing scripts for his next YouTube video. Once that’s done that he’s filming his next video and doing voiceovers for the content he’s just filmed.

And I sat back and thought. He’s really trying isn’t he. In reality it wouldn’t matter if no videos went up on YouTube for the rest of his life. He’s a doctor. And he’s got a business on the side. And if that wasn’t enough he’s got a podcast. He’s got more than enough to be doing. But that’s not the point. To him, he wants to get the video up because it’s important to him. Because he cares and because he’s built a reliability on himself to produce content for his YouTube channel. It matters so he cares. Or he cares so it matters.

I flash back to my life. There was a time in University where I joined the darts team (it was a thing in our Uni to be part of the darts team). ‘College Bar Sports’ there were called. I was part of the team but I never really tried. I was half good but I couldn’t be bothered with the commitment. I know, so much commitment involved in drinking beer and throwing darts at a board. But it’s important because it shows something. Something really simple. We get as much out of life as we put in. If we don’t try, do extra things we will never get the results.

The more we care the more we try. Really try. Trying your hardest at something. When’s the last time you tried, really tried at something? I think the truth is that we are often afraid. Afraid of failing so we don’t really try.

But what would happen if you really tried?

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