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Three of the Best Habits I’ve Adopted This Year

This year, I have discovered habits. As I’ve mentioned before, previous to this year, I thought habits took all the fun out of life and I had absolutely no interest in creating habits. As I’d discovered this year, all that was, was a habit of not having habits. Did I mention the word habit?

So as we are part way through the year and I’ve been doing this for about three months now, I thought I’d share my favourite habits I’ve adopted this year. God knows we could do with more articles about anything other than Coronavirus.

1. Journalling. Often I find that most problems can be solved if I start by writing them down. I actually often find that by the time I’ve wrote down the problem, in actual fact there is no problem at all. It’s often that I find I don’t write to document my thoughts I write to articulate and discover them. There has been many times this year (maybe every few weeks) I feel a bit of a low spot. Daily journaling helps smooth that curve. One good method — learnt from the brilliant book ‘How to Stop Worrying and Start Living’ by Dale Carnegie, is write down what I think the problem is, write one thing I’m going to do to solve it and write when I will do that. It’s often that most problems in life can be solved with first understanding the problem is and if you have a system for understanding the problem you are way ahead of the game.

2. Walking. I’m incredibly lucky in that I have two wonderful, yet wildly disobedient pups. They are sprockers which is a mix between cocker spaniel and springer spaniel i.e. the world’s most energetic dogs. That gives me ample opportunity to get out and about and exercise. Now this habit has become one because there is no other choice, otherwise the pups would be bouncing off the walls but nonetheless it’s definitely one of my cornerstone habits. Getting out and about in nature is, I think, one of the best things you can do. It gives you the opportunity to just enjoy the simple things in life and provides some perspective on life.

3. Reading. Now I’ve always been a pretty keen reader however somewhere between Uni and work and all the other things in life I stopped. This year I’ve definitely rediscovered reading and it’s pretty impressive what joy a decent book can bring. For me, reading is actually a kind of meditation — I am someone that has a very busy brain, by concentrating on the words of the books rather than where I should be in life helps a lot.

The next habits to concur are drinking more water, I used to drink loads but for some reason that habit has fell off the face of a cliff so I’m going to start that back up. I’d also like to start some sort of exercise routine, potentially cycling.

In conclusion — habits are a good thing!

Originally published at https://www.careerhealth.info on March 15, 2020.

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