The Reflection Superpower

Reflection is a superpower. This is about how we all need to stop and look back sometimes.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to see a great chap talk about his quite exceptional career. He was exciting his superpower of reflection. And it got me thinking about just how powerful it is, sometimes, to sit and reflect on life (yeah I know big subject for a Tuesday morning).

Sometimes, actually a lot of the time, we’re so busy running around, scurrying through ‘to do lists’, agonising over next week’s presentation, worrying about whether that email we sent might come across wrong — that we forget to just stop and reflect.

Wasting Time

It’s so easy to get accustomed to just ‘doing’ that we feel like it’s a waste of time to think back to how we got here, which is sometimes the best place to look if you are stuck. When we start to sift through, our somewhat chaotic lives, we start to see lessons that we could do well with remembering. So what did I learn from reflecting? What are the lessons that we can all take a pinch from? Even if you don’t really care for much of the self-improvement BS (which I don’t think is bullshit by the way), for what it’s worth I think it’s important we remember it.

Here’s my conclusion. We are humans have core beliefs. If you are curious it’s quite fun to do the Myer Briggs test to see what kind of personality type you have. There is a good link here if you want to have a sneak peek Anyway, we all have core beliefs and when we steer off track and away from them, we feel uneasy and a sense of inauthenticity.

When we find ourselves lost, or questioning why we made such a decision, it’s good time to reflect on your core beliefs to figure out why you made that decision. And when you find yourself in a total sense of disorientation, the bad stuff, like you really made a crap decision and you need to find yourself a new job, home yourself back to your core beliefs, they’ll help you realign to what your next move is.

Perspective Wins – Reflection Superflow

Perspective is the king of all of work life problems. Work can be all encompassing, it can feel like the end of the world if you don’t make that deadline, it can feel like you heart is going to fall into your stomach because you are convinced your coworker hates your guts. But if you sprinkle the situation with a little bit of perspective you won’t go far wrong. Coworker hates you? Okay, but you’re happy, healthy, have a wonderful home, have clean water to drink and somewhere warm to sleep at night — the world isn’t so bad.

Sometimes it’s you putting the pressure on you and only you have the power to change that. We are all striving to get somewhere, be someone — all that good stuff. But that shouldn’t get in the way of living our lives. When you think through all the times you’ve really felt like you are missing the mark or not achieving what you want, is that because someone has told you are rubbish or is that because you are telling yourself you are?

I had a wobbler the other day because I was convinced I wasn’t where I wanted to be and I’m not running a big company with hundreds of employees and a seven figure turn over. Then I realised I’m twenty five, I’ve got a million more years at work yet and I don’t want to run a big company anyway.

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