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The Monday Morning Realities… The Dogs Fart

There is a contrast between the Monday realities and what we think work looks like.

We all strive to be a little more organised. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably get to Friday and think… next week is the week I decide to get my shit together. And for the most part, well the planning part. It works. Armed with a fancy pen and some paper we write down everything we’d like to achieve in the coming week, learning from last weeks failures and endeavour to be better this week.

Monday morning swings round and you manage to wake up on time… sort of, you only hit snooze once. You get downstairs and you start reading as you promised yourself you would in the morning from now on. And then you fall asleep. Or you might try to have breakfast this morning because you never do and you always get to work hungry, then the dogs fart as your eating and the whole things turns a bit sour.

Monday Realities 

It’s quite interesting that the world we live in, at least via social media seems pretty perfect whilst by direct contrast our lives aren’t. That leaves us feeling a sense of failure by about 6:30am on a Monday. The reality though, is we’re falling back to sleep and dogs are farting. It’s quite obvious why we don’t share these things, they don’t seem cool and give us a feeling of failure compared to others which of course, us as humans are designed to avoid at all costs. Search on YouTube ‘Morning Routine’ and you’ll be surrounded by videos of successful people whom have a minute-by-minute account of what happens in their morning. From hot yoga to practicing the piano and then a quick espresso and a 243 mile jog. Seems fairly realistic.

We all fail and we all are very imperfect and that’s cool because that the way the world works. Why we need to pretend that we get up do press-ups, shower, whiten our teeth and then mediate for twenty-three painful minutes before drafting our first novel is a little taxing. You’ll very easily be able to find article after article about how making a detailed morning routine makes you super successful. But does anyone actually do this stuff day in and day out?!

Originally published at https://www.careerhealth.info on February 22, 2020.

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