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The Habits that Make you Feel like you are Nailing it

The bed is made, the kitchen is clean, the dogs have been out.

Why is it that making the bed seems to set you up for a good day or exercising seems to make you start eating healthier? Having started on the journey of habit formation fairly recently and reading quite a bit around the subject it seems there are some habits that take the gold for being the best. I think it’s probably totally personal as to which habits seem to have the biggest impact but there are definitely some habits that have a huge impact on how the rest of my day goes.

I’ve woken up particularly tired today so we’re going to have to excuse the poor execution of this article — it seems that the habit of waking up early has royally screwed me over today.

Anyways, there are clear winners in the habit category for making you feel more of a productive human. These habits seem to have additional benefit on the rest of the day and make it easy to do other habits. Take waking up early for example — this is a bit of a contentious subject but for clarity, you don’t need to wake up early to feel like you are nailing it. I like waking up early, for now, so I do.

Anyways I have been waking up quite early for a while now and the habit has recently become what is known as a keystone habit. By waking up early I’m awake to be productive in the morning. It makes easier to get through the list of things I want to do and means I can feel good about the rest of my day. Waking up early is the keystone habit that allows this to happen. There are more of them when you really think about it. Getting a good nights sleep (going bed at a reasonable hour) and waking up at a consistent time — means that you feel ready for a decent day ahead rather than a zombie. That habit in itself is a habit that is allowing the rest of you day to flow like a dream.

Originally published at https://www.careerhealth.info on February 25, 2020.

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