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Pursue Your Dreams Part-time

What would 5% of your dreams look like, try that, right now.

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We all have dreams. Or at least the majority of us do. But how do we know whether those dreams are truly what we want or if they are purely a figment of our overactive imaginations?

I got annoyed this morning. Annoyed that the house I’m renovating is taking an age to get anything sorted, that every room has wallpaper hanging off, architrave that needs replacing, stairs that need carpeting. Shit that needs doing. I got annoyed because I’ve realised that doing a house up is no small task and whilst I thought I ‘could do a better job myself’ I’m struck by the sinking realisation that I absolutely hate DIY and I don’t have the patience or inclination to do it. That leaves me in a position no one wants to be in. A half done house with no motivation to complete it.

I was annoyed because I don’t want to live in a half done house with a kitchen that has doors hanging off. I want a bathroom where the taps work and the floor boards are even.

And then I think back to my life two years ago.

“All I want is to have a house that I can renovate and make my own.”

That’s the funny thing about dreams. No one tells you the reality is the bathroom leaking into the kitchen ceiling.

I have exactly what I thought I wanted. And instead of thinking “Look at all the stuff I can make into my own and fix to exactly how I like it” I’m sat here thinking “I have so much do to and I can’t bare to do any of it”.

And I think there is a lesson in there somewhere.

We all have dreams, places we think we want to be, the life we think we want to live. We pin all our hopes on that place, once we get there, we can just be happy. Once I’m earning 5% more, that will do it. Once I’m an author, then I’ll be happy. Once I’ve got a house, one that I can make my own… that’s it. Then I’ll be happy.

And part of that reality is tasting things. Taste what life is like with your dreams being part of it. For me, my dream once upon a time was to be a property developer. I laugh at the thought of that now. I have the patience of a 2 year old. I could never develop properties full time.

But I know that because I tried it. Trying something, finding a house that I could redo. I could buy all the tools I needed, have the freedom to rip down walls, tare off wallpaper, thistle coat that, plaster that. It meant that I fully committed, part-time, to what I thought was my dream. I thought I dreamt of renovating properties full time. I saw it on the TV and thought ‘that looks good’. And that’s sometimes all it takes to think up a dream.

And before we know it we’re pinning our lives happiness on something we’ve never ever tried.

By tasting things and understanding if they are your dreams you have the experience to know. My next dream? Become a writer… Am I pursuing it? Well you’ve just read my 73rd article this year.

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