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Kevin Hart’s $200 Million Life Advice for Success

Life advice from the guy who went from nothing to $200 million.

Kevin Hart on the Netflix smash ‘Kevin Hart Irresponsible’

Kevin Hart and His Life Advice

Comedian, father, husband, business man, author. He is, for all intents and purposes, smashing life. At 40 years old his net worth sits at a cool, $200 million. He’s sold books, audiobooks, movies, shows and a Netflix series, actually, several. He’s done it all. Perhaps best know for his standup comedy routines, he has also turned to acting and subsequently, producing. Times magazine named him one of the top 100 most influential people in the world in 2015.

In summary, he’s doing alright. We could get a little bit of life advice from him.

Interestingly though, his career didn’t start with all the bells and whistles. In fact, he started selling shoes. He then moved from selling shoes into doing comedy gigs at the weekend and on an evening. Did hit the ground running? Surely someone of his status was a complete natural, I bet he was a golden boy from the moment he stepped onto the stage. Wrong. He got booed of several times before actually making any headway. His super power? Work ethic. His brilliant biography talks about his relentless work ethic. Show after show. Routine after routine. Joke after joke. Mastering his craft.

Growing up

He grow up in a pretty much poverty. As he describes it on the Tim Ferris podcast, he had clothes on his back and enough to eat, but that was about it. He admired his mother tremendously, his father was an addict and not that brilliant at sticking around or staying with his mother for that matter. It was Kevin and his mum. His brother struggled to stay on the straight and narrow and that eventually led to his mother kicking him out. So it was Nancy and Kevin against the world.

His rock

His mother he adores. In fact, the interview by Ferris, starts off by Hart describing his mother. He talks about her with a sense of total admiration.

“She is the reason I move like I do.”

She was someone that was never okay with what she got, she wasn’t complacent, always moving forwards. You can see that in bucket loads in Hart, he’s someone who has achieved a vast amount in a relatively short amount of time. At 40. He’s got the house of his dreams, a lovely family, a production company, presumably any acting job would snap him up. In short, he’s made it. However, he knows there is always something else.

So what can we learn from this mogul? What life advice can we gain from this chap?

His Life Advice

#1 Positivity is the way

First on the life advice agenda is positivity. Hart’s father was a drug addict. He left when he was a kid and only returned later. His mother, Nancy Hart, died of cancer in 2007. He got booed off the stage when he first started out. All these things don’t add up for a happy ending. Not for the average person. Hart is average though. Mindset is his secret power. He knows that you can either dwell on what’s not going right or you can focus on what you are going after and get your head down.

He embodies that mantra.

“I wake up at 6am for my workout”

Body right mind right.

His circumstances would understandably meant he would have a negative attitude but he learnt early on that it got him nowhere.

#2 Do it with heart (hart)

Kevin Hart Twitter bio from Twitter

In high school he was the kid that didn’t pay attention, would guess the answers on his tests and not take it very seriously. To his surprise, his friends were taking it seriously. Kevin? Well, he ended up going to community college. From then on he realised that if you don’t put in the work you don’t get the results.

“If I’m not doing it to the best of my ability, why am I doing it? What I’ve learnt and how I operate is that your in so much control of yourself it’s ridiculous.”

In his Twitter bio he sums it up. And it’s brutally honest isn’t it. We all love the idea of a house with 7 bedrooms, a back garden so big you’d need a ride on mower. A swimming pool and a BBQ area to entertain. We all dream. Not all of us put in the work.

#3 Create a bond with your word

Compromising is not an option. If you say you’re going to do it, you should. It’s the promise you’ve made with yourself. Considering you are the only person who can truly hold to account, you better make sure you’re doing it.

“My word is my bond.”

Hart said he learnt the hard way that sticking true to your word is the best ownership. If you say you’re going to do something, honour that.

#4 But don’t be scared to say no

We can say no or we can say yes. Those are the two choices at hand here. We can either pick yes or no. They are both equally weighted. Now life and people make us think that saying yes is better than saying no. Normally, if you say yes you will be met with smiley faces and praise. If you say no, the opposite happens. You’ll be met with sadness and frustration. Hart says that he says no and means no. He’s not scared to say no. He knows his energy and knows when he has the ability to do something. He also knows his priorities and he knows what he will and won’t commit to. If he’s said he will, then he will. However, if he thinks he can’t he’ll happily say no.

We often find ourselves stuck to say yes to everything. It’s one of the reasons people burn out so much. Especially if you are new to the work place, often the advice is, say yes. Say yes to everything. Only to be burnt out by the end of week 5 because you are juggling too much and spend your down time feeling overwhelmed.

You are allowed to say no, just like you are allowed to say yes. Both equal. Don’t feel bad for saying no.

#5 Never settle

You would think by now he’d be happy to rest a little. However, I get the impression that this is Hart just getting started. He’s producing and writing movies that he once used to battle to get a spot for. He’s working smarter, more strategically and knows what’s important to him. Also he’s just getting started and it’s exciting to see where it’s going.

Hart is an example of someone who doesn’t let circumstances define him. He was set up to go down all the wrong paths. Instead he got his mind focused, found something he loved and went all in on that.

Kevin Hart is an example of someone that had everything going against him yet he found a way. He found what he was good at, he invested in himself and he worked hard. I wonder what all our lives would look like if we never settled, if we allowed positivity to be the driving force and honoured our word. We can definitely take some life advice from this successful chap.

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