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How to Make a Habit of Finding your Dream Job

Making a habit out of finding your dream job is a pretty smart thing really.

In my last post I spoke about habits, and that seemed to do pretty well and my motto is — if it again broke, don’t fix it. First of all I think there’s this idea that the dream job exists… if only we could find what that was and then we’d be sorted. Sound familiar? It’s that same thought around ‘if I could only lose ten pound my life would be substantially better’. Trouble is, we fix that one ‘thing’ and we move on to the next.

My life has taught me so far that the quickest way to achieve unhappiness is to draw conclusions on my happiness when the context is all wrong. Let me explain. Much of what we feel or think we need is all predicated on context. So, we get pissed off about our life goals / mottos / who we are / where we are, after spending forty minutes looking through Instagram of really successful people. We then correlate the two and say ‘okay if I could just get enough money to buy a yacht, then I’ll be happy like them’.


A couple things to note here. 1. Have we ever stepped back and asked ‘my god if these people were so happy would they be posting on social media every seven seconds, would they not be too busy being happy?’ 2. (and probably more to the point) You’re only feeling shit about where you are because you’ve juxtaposed yourself against Kylie Jenner.

There is this theory that where ever you are right now is completely fine. And I think we should all take some comfort in that, like a deep breath of life, you are totally fine. And I think I believe that to an extent, the search for the perfect job is ludicrous and frankly unobtainable in the sense that perfect by very definition is free from defect. Are you really telling me there is a job out there that exists that is free from defect. The fact that I’d be doing it and I am indeed not free from defect is a strong indicator that by proxy I will not find the perfect job.

Dream Job? Don’t Beat Yourself Up

My generation is full of people beating themselves up about, well everything. We aren’t pretty enough, smart enough, earning enough, most of the time the real issue that we are not confident enough, and that’s because of the aforementioned… feeling like we are not enough. So, what’s the point I hear you say? Well the title is misleading, it seems like LinkedIn algorithm likes the word habit, so I’m trying to exploit it but actually the point is this:

The perfect job doesn’t exists — it’s better to get comfortable with the idea that there is no such idea as perfect, sorry to piss on your chips, make a habit of that. Then the follow up to that is, get comfortable with the idea that figuring it out takes ages… not as in ages ‘boohoo I won’t be happy till I’m forty-seven’, ages as in… enjoy the process, get comfortable with learning, be okay with messing it up every now and then. And then, you will make a habit out of enjoying the process of figuring out your career and sniffing out the thing that make you light up.

Originally published at https://www.careerhealth.info on February 22, 2020.

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