How To Learn

A heated-mug press, six hundred pairs of socks, seventy masonry jars and several domain names later, it safe to say I’ve failed A LOT. Not to mention ‘lost’ a lot of money… not too much, like don’t worry, but nevertheless I’m down a few bob or two. But that’s all part of the learning process.

Having spent a few years now at work I’ve realised that learning doesn’t stop at Uni. Sometimes I wish it did, but the world of work, in itself is a little bit like one big learning curve. So get out the notebooks. Having have six different jobs in the last 3.5 years — it’s safe to say that learning has now become part of my furniture (can humans internal furniture?). You get the drift, it’s become part of how I work.

One thing I have learnt, for sure, is how to learn. And pretty quickly.

It’s always interesting the balance between spending time thinking about a problem and attacking the problem. I know lots of people will favour the plan, plan, plan view but I do wonder — when do you just get on with it? And how much quicker do you learn by just doing? My preference as you may have guessed is just get stuck in and crack on. I’d rather seek forgiveness that ask permission (insert more corporate jargon followed by a small winch at how corporate I’ve become).

Today reinstalled the importance of learning by doing. Not over planning, thinking things through five hundred times and over analysing. Just do see what happens and review that. I was listening to a podcast a few days ago that echoed a similar thought process.

“Sometimes when we take a step back and look at what happens in the workplace it’s astounding. That we could spend three hours looking at people’s diaries, planning a gathering, booking a room, booking food, spend two hours going through how we could solve a problem. Now in some cases this is totally and absolutely necessary for the problem to be solved. But sometimes it’s just not.
Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and just do. It’s like if you sit and analyse how to do ride a bike. “If I balance this way, if I pedal this fast… but until you try to ride the bike… you’ll never ever be good at it.

I guess the message is try, try, try.

I fail a lot. Spend a decent amount of money at failing but I learn quick and that’s a trade off I am willing to make. I’m happy that if I test things out and it fails, well it’s better to fail and learn than sit pondering.

In the words on Nike “just do it”

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