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Day Five of Working From Home — Thoughts

I’m someone who definitely enjoys the odd day working from home. However, the thought of working from home, for the foreseeable, was initially something that daunted me. Images of me talking to myself, being twenty pounds heavier and scared of the sunlight by the end of this ordeal flashed through my mind. As it turns out though, I was completely wrong. Let’s be clear, I like working with people, enjoy face-to-face interactions and for some types of meetings it is exponentially better to have them face to face than via conference call. I mean we can probably all a-test to how painful conference calls can be.

But here’s what I’m learning as I work from home more.

Phone calls are good. I think a lot of the time we avoid the phone conversation, I know I do or used to if I could. It’s that feeling that you’re interrupting someone’s day or they’ll ask you something that you don’t know the answer too. We overanalyse it until you decide it’s way better to just drop someone an email and be done with it. Because we are not getting much social interaction at the minute, it feels the nicer option to pick up the phone to someone and I like that. I also find that you have better experiences over the phone. Email, whilst quick, is not entirely personal and often misses the point. Over the phone you are able to gauge the reaction, ask questions and hopefully leave a little bit of a lasting impression.

I think there is a perception that if you are working from home you are in your pjs, watching Netflix, pushing the mouse every five minutes to make sure you look active. I find in practice it’s actually the opposite. If you have a decent space where you can focus and crack on, I find that you get much more done in a day than you would in the office. It’s an unfair test at present as it’s only been five days but the earlier indicators show that working from home seems to be more productive, for me at least.

I have a better day when I dress for the day. For me, dressing for the day is important. It’s easy to get into a habit of staying in your pjs because you’re not going out the house today but I feel like more of a together person when I stick on some work attire. I go to work most days in jeans so it’s not a power suit or anything. I think this one is different for most people, you might feel more creative and relaxed in your pjs and that’s cool. Everyone is different but for me getting dressed is important. Equally though, I can’t take the dogs for a walk in my pjs so that might have something to do with it.

Im not missing the commute. I’m really lucky in the fact that my commute isn’t far at all but I’m definitely not missing it. It’s quite liberating I find being able to walk about ten steps to get to the office. Whilst I don’t mind driving into work, it’s nice not having that extra hassle and as much as I like driving I’m enjoying not having to do it much. Plus carbon foot print and all.

Lasting thoughts really: Will this change everything now? I can’t help that think that now we have all migrated to the world of working from home, in five months time when this is all over (or I hope it will be in five months) companies will take a step back and think… do we really need our employees in all the time? If the overall experience of working from home is increased productivity, employees are happy, they get more time with their families, spend less money on fuel and parking, find they are picking up the phone more and talking to people rather than emailing — why would we ever go back to the office?

Who knows ay?

Originally published at https://www.careerhealth.info on March 27, 2020.

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