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A Day in the Life of Someone Fairly Ambitious, 9–5 and Trying to ‘Make It’

Welcome to a day in my life.

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I find ‘Day in the life’ videos are quite fascinating.

I’m not quite sure why but find it really eye opening to understand what people do with their days. Odd I know. Maybe it’s because we’re all slightly nosey (definitely true) or maybe because we are quietly seeking confirmation we are doing life ‘right’.

I thought it would be fun to write my current typical day in the life article. More for me to look back in twenty years time and understand what I did in the ‘years of hustle’ to get where I ended up.

It’s possibly my favourite thing about writing, that once it’s out there it’s a stamp in time. Words lasting a lifetime for the universe to consume.

So, this is a day in the life of me. Me, being someone who works 9–5, hopes to some day run my own thing and loves to write.

Morning Routine

5:30am — Wake up. My morning starts by me desperately trying not to fall back to sleep. This week has been a pain because of the heat. My house gets incredibly hot which means I don’t sleep that well. Me on no sleep = no fun. Anyway, I’ll stumble to the kitchen, half asleep.

5:35am — Let the dogs out and stick the kettle on. I find that if I have coffee in the morning it wakes me up and it means I’m standing long enough for my body to get used to the fact that I am not going back to bed any time soon. I make my coffee and sit down to read.

6:00am — After a good 20–30 minutes of reading I get bored. At the moment I’m reading ‘Mortal’ by Atul Gawande. I’ve read all four of his books and I’ve just read my favourite one of his for the third time ‘Better’. It’s an absolute incredible book. Gawande is a surgeon and writes about his experience in medicine. His books are simply brilliant and Mortal talks about how we manage care for elderly patients in their late years of life. How the desires and hopes of patients are met and what medicine can do to help the elderly thrive in the last years, not just simply survive. Anyways, totally riveting and very humbling. It’s very good, hence me reading it again.

I finish my book and I get the dogs ready for their morning walk. By ‘get them ready’ I mean chase them round the house trying to manage their excitement whilst putting their leads on.

6:30am — A little walk round the block with the dogs means I’m definitely not falling asleep anytime soon and it means I can get some steps in the day. After the dog walk it’s feeding time.

6:35am — Dogs fed and my breakfast in hand I head over to the laptop. I write for anywhere between 45 minutes — 1 hour. I’m currently trying to hit my target of writing everyday for 90 days. I’ve got this other target of publishing 200 articles this year, after not being very consistent last year. So far I’ve written around 105 articles so we’re on track. Today is actually my 91st day of writing consistently. So next I’m planning to film a YouTube video every day for the next 90 days. In my head once I can get a habit nailed I’m thinking it would be interesting to try and master another one. YouTube will help me work on my public speaking and also helps with the flow of my writing.

Work time

7:30am — Start work (my job). I’m currently working from home for the foreseeable, no morning commute means that I start work a little earlier than normal.

12:30pm — Lunch time. Normally it’s anything from Super noodles to fish finger sandwiches. Fish finger sandwiches are the king of all lunches. I usually spend ten minutes making lunch and then 20 minutes watching some sort of YouTube.

4:00pm — Finish work and take the dogs out again.

After work

4:45pm — Depending what I’ve got on I’ll either edit an article, film a YouTube video or write some more. I’m currently editing my book that I’ve been writing for some time now, that is the thing I’ve been spending my evenings doing of late. Sometimes I try cycling in this time but other times I don’t bother.

Just depends on the day.

6:30pm — Eat. Then back to some work. Either editing or writing.

9:00pm — I’ll wrap up work around 9pm. I find that I’m too tired to function at this point so it’s probably a good idea to hit the hay and try again tomorrow.

And repeat.

Not everyday is like this. Of course there are some days where I skip the ‘after work bit’ and just watch Netflix. Although recently I’ve been getting in quite a good routine with prioritising my work after work. I find it’s easy to get motivated because it’s starting to become a bit of a habit.

This year I’ve really started to utilise habits and I’ve found they’ve really benefitted me. I was someone who didn’t believe in routine (I thought it was a sure fire way to make life boring) as it turns out it’s not. It’s meant I’m way more consistent than I’ve ever been and I’m actually committing to the things I’ll say I’ll do.

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