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A Calling, a Career or Just Work

Is work a career or a calling?

For so many of us, work is an integral part of our lives. The general consensus for most of us is that we have to do it to keep life going. Whilst the majority of us are united in the fact that work is there to pay the bills, to keep our shopping habits healthy and to keep the family happy; it seems there is a divid in what else work does for us.

My Experience

Having worked for three years, I’ve met a plethora of people and attitudes towards work. The sad majority say it’s just there to pay the bills and whilst it’s fine, it’s not what they want to be doing with their time. The really sad bit is, some people just absolutely hate it but feel stuck in the place they’ve been for twenty years, or they are comfortable there and don’t want to risk the change. Some though, see work as a career, a ladder of success that they are on a journey too climbing and for the most they are enjoying. Being able to see a path in front of you and believing in your ability to walk it, seems like it increases people’s purposefulness at work. Much like at school, whereby you grow, learn and then step up onto the next level, work for these sorts of people is seen as progressive, whether that be financially or not. It is wonderful to meet these people because you sense they’re genuine excitement for what they do and who they want to be in the future.

The really ‘work healthy / work happy’ people, it seems, are those that see work as a calling. Now bare with me, because I’m aware that sounds cringey but actually it’s true. They see work as what they are meant to do with their lives, they enjoy what they do so much that they wouldn’t just change what they are doing for more money or a better commute to work, they love their craft… whatever that may be.

The disclaimer here is that I’m not sure everyone finds ‘their calling’ through scrolling through Indeed and hitting the jackpot right away. I think the people whom actually find true joy in their chosen profession have spent a while figuring out what they love and how they operate best. I think they also are always on the path to trying to figure out how they could make things more enjoyable.

Originally published at https://www.careerhealth.info on February 22, 2020.

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