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4 Career Ideas for Newbies of the Working World

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Here are 4 career ideas for newbies

Our careers are a scary subject. Gone are the days of structured, guided classroom lessons. Say goodbye to someone helping you with your homework. Wave farewell to your teachers holding you to account.

You are on your own. You’ve entered the big wide world of work.

It can be totally overwhelming to enter the world of work. 4 years ago I was doing just that and I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Zero. No one tells us what to expect on day one, no rules on how to conduct yourself and nobody advising what are the funny interesting things to say and what might come off as a little bit stupid. As I learnt the hard way. Some people might say they don’t need that guidance, it’s just about being a human being and being yourself… and it is but I definitely could have used some help.

Fast forward 4 years later and I’ve found a job I enjoy, one that works for me. To get here though, was a right slog.

Why Start Now?

I am a firm believer that the first 5–7 years of your working life should be spent testing the waters if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. The upside of doing it now, rather than later is expotential:


  1. No little feet to look after — You likely have no kids to look after so you have the time to swap and change without worrying whether you’re going to keep a roof over their heads.

  2. Lower outgoings — You likely have the lowest bills you will ever have, family comes with a bigger house, more little feet equals more things to pay for. If you’re swapping and changing careers it’s likely that your income with sway a little too. That’s fine if you’ve not got many outgoings.

  3. Time — You have the most valuable asset in the world on your side: time. That’s important because you don’t need to worry about having it all figured out yet — in fact you don’t ever need to have it figured out if you don’t want too. It’s up to you. Having time to play with though is definitely a good thing.

  4. Sunken cost fallacy — As we get older and spend more time on something, it feels more painful to walk away from it. That’s because of the sunken cost fallacy, you already feel like you’ve put a lot of time and effort into something and it would be a waste to walk away. It’s a little like in investing, you been doing it a while and maybe you’ve got your money in Blockbuster and even though Netflix has just hit the market and the stocks have taken a turn but you hold out on your stocks in Blockbuster. You know it’s a lost cause and you’re losing more money by the second but because you’ve already lost 50p per share it feels like a waste to get out now. That’s the same with careers. You might have had the same job for years and have always hated it but because you’ve been doing it for years, you feel like it would be a waste to walk away. If you’re new to the working world, you won’t have that. No sunken costs, no worries.

4 Career Ideas for Newbies

So, what are the best careers out there to try? Well of course that all depends on what you want out of life and what sort of things you enjoy doing. If you’re someone that loves the great outdoors, I perhaps wouldn’t suggest working an office job. However, here are some ideas to get you started.

#1 Career Ideas for Newbies: Teach

First of the 4 career ideas for newbies is teaching. Teachers are some of the most gifted people on this planet in my opinion. The ability to manage a class of teens whilst teaching them pretty in depth content is something to be marvelled at. Teaching is active and stimulating. Last year I thought about jumping into teaching and went to shadow one of my friends from University who went straight into teaching after graduation. From my experience I learnt the following.


  1. It’s rewarding — You are having a tangible impact on kids lives. You are teaching them skills and seeing them learn, that’s very rewarding. Those skills that, by the way, they will take into adulthood. So you are pretty much the reason for any success in their lives. Well done you.

  2. It’s graft — The teachers I spoke to loved their jobs but they were tired. It’s pretty exhausting teaching classes all day, organising their classes for the next day and marking homework and tests. It was obvious to see that they would put in at least 50 hour weeks. However, that is balanced with having some pretty decent holiday.

  3. There is money in it — Although I wouldn’t recommend going into teaching if your primary driver is money. When you first start out, teaching can be incredibly hard graft for little financial reward, however, as you climb the ranks, you’ll see decent pay increases. From what I could gather, being a Principle is also pretty gruelling however, it does come with a decent pay out.


£22k–26k starting out depending on what route you take. Baring in mind you’ll have to take a masters in teaching if you want to go straight into teaching. You can take an alternative route whereby you get paid on the job but expect around £18k to start.

Transferable skills: 8.5/10. A teacher has a boat load of transferable skills. Interpersonal skills, facilitation, presenting and articulating ideas to name a few. Part of work and a big part at that, is about teaching people your way of thinking, you’ll be well versed at that if you are a teacher.

Careers to move into:

  1. Careers Advisor

  2. Teaching Lecturer

  3. Careers Consultant

#2 Career Idea for Newbies: Project Management

The second of the 4 career ideas for newbies is project management. Us youngsters tend to have a bit of an appetite for change. I’m not sure if it’s because we grow up as the internet and social media landscape was changing all around us or because it’s we always are taught to look ahead. Pass GSCE → Pass A-levels → Pass University. We always feel like we are working towards the next things. In work, you are at the next thing. All your schooling years have resulted in where you are right now. No pressure. So with that in mind, you’ll probably want to feel like you are continuing to work towards something. It’s just become part of our nature.

Project management gives you the sense of accomplishment but by definition also means you’ll be changing a lot. Once one project is finished you are on to the next. It’ll be similar in terms of what you need to do but it’ll be different people to work with which can add a spice of variety in your life if you like change.


£25k–50k depending on experience it’ll probably go way further North than that if you are really good at it.

Transferable skills: 7.5/10. Facilitation, organisation, stakeholder management, presenting, influencing, cost-analysis, money management.

Careers to move into:

  1. Programme management (lots of projects under one programme)

  2. Teaching project management

  3. Scrum Master

#3 Social Media Marketing Manager

Next up out of the 4 career ideas for newbies, social media marketing. One thing we have got on our side as youngsters is that we have grown up around social media. We’ve posted regularly probably for the past decade. We know how to work Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram — the lot. The inner workings of what makes a good Tweet, what warrants a Facebook post over Instagram post. We know what kind of content gets most views. That’s because we’ve lived and breathed it for the last 10 years.

With that in mind, it’s a given that you will be able to get to grips with social media and marketing side of things pretty quick. Being good at something or having a natural appetite is not something to be underrated. When everything is new in work you will seek some normality for comfort. If you know the platforms and how to post on social media anyway, you’ll find you take joy in the job just from having a bit of knowledge about it.


£22k — 40k again probably much higher than that if you’ve got a talent in it.

Career to move into:

  1. Small business consultation

  2. Creating a marketing startup

#4 Career Idea for Newbies: Online… Something

4/4 career ideas for newbies is a special one. Now, I am fairly new to the concept of making money online. Not through lack of trying. Whilst I have been trying to do it in some form or another for the last 4 years, nothing ever stuck. Now something has, writing. You might be thinking, what a waste of time spending 4 years trying to make money online and never making a penny. However, you’d be wrong. In my opinion.

Finding something you actually enjoy doing is one of the greatest gifts. It’s pretty great on all fronts but mostly because it doesn’t feel like work.

Figuring out something that works online is fairly amazing for one simple reason. Online works 24/7. I personally think everyone interested enough should have a dabble and play online. The likelihood is that something will take your interest is pretty high and I can’t get over the scope of opportunity if you choose to see it.

Dabbling in online marketing, reselling, writing, graphic design, website design the list goes on means you have a skill that you can work on outside of work. It means that if you get bored of your job for whatever reason, you have something to fall back on. I guess mostly, at least for me, it means you can be self-sustaining.

Being solely responsible for generating your income is pretty thrilling.

Final thoughts

Hopefully these 4 career ideas for newbies will help you in some way! We don’t need to have it all figured out by thirty, forty, or fifty. Things change, life changes, ambitions change, circumstances change. However, when you’re young and ambitious it can be pretty daunting to figure out what to do and where to go. I hope this helps a tad!

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